Solungga Liu


Liu approached the scores with an authoritative but deferential air, performing

with rhythmic precision, expression and a finely calibrated sense of balance between all of the moving parts.

~Washington Classical Review~


a​bout Solungga 

Solungga Liu has been acclaimed as a pianist of great breadth.  She is a champion of early twentieth-century American music and underrepresented works of the standard repertoire.  She is also known as an uncanny interpreter of new music.

Her November 2017 debut at the Library of Congress was praised for its “rhythmic precision, expression and a finely calibrated sense of balance between all of the moving parts.” There she performed a solo recital of works by Charles Griffes, Amy Beach and César Franck, a concert tailored to her strengths and uniquely composed of music from the Library’s manuscript collection.

(painting by Stephanie Lociks De Paula)



Featured Albums


Piano Works of Charles Tomlinson Griffes

Centaur Records

Selected Projects

during unprecedented times, 2020-2021

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The Hartke Project 

2020 Bowling Green State University New Music Festival

Sonatina-Fantasia from The Post-Modern Homages, set I (1987), and The Flames of the Sun make the Desert Flower Hysterical (2013), from The King of the Sun (1988)--see "Watch"
Stephen Hartke (b. 1952)
Photo: Keiser Southern Music

Premiere Recording

Les parfums de la nuit: Debussy through the Eyes of Charles Griffes

On Sunday, November 4, 2017, Solungga Liu premiered Griffes' 1915 transcription of an orchestral work by Debussy, Les parfums de la nuit, at the Library of Congress.  This will be the official premiere recording of the transcription, a re-discovered treasure

CD Album

Works for Solo Piano by American Composers of Our Time

During these incredibly stressful months, learning a collection of works by living American composers who I know and admire has brought me such deep joy and comfort.  I look forward to releasing a CD album to honor these compositions

The Griffes Project

in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of his Death (1884-1920)

A series of Youtube videos of Griffes' representative works for solo piano, combining musical scores with sound tracks from Solungga's album. Coming soon!


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